Sunday, October 25, 2009

Walk Near The Aspens

8 x 10 inches
oil on board
Jack Providenti

I followed a dirt road off the main hwy, passed a "no tresspassing" sign, and came upon this friendly Autumn scene. I was really inspired to paint this...the morning sunlight streaming through the Aspens on the left, while displaying the late summer colors along the path and up the hill.

Most of us think of New Mexico as desert, prairie, and sky, but there exists beyound that a world of endless hidden treasures such as this one neatly tucked into the mountains that stretch throughout the state.

I can make any of these 8x10 inch paintings in to a larger, oil on canvas for you on a commission basis...just contact me. To purchase this painting, or order reproductions or note cards of this or any of my paintings, simply send me an e-mail with your request. To see paintings or murals of my Florida art, please visit my web site

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mark Cline said...

Its great how you captured the light in this one
light passing through the trees and how you used shades of purple represent light is awsome

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