Sunday, October 16, 2016

Three Stages of Painting a Portrait by Jack Providenti

Here are two of the three stages of a portrait painting from a photo: Sharon, Mother Of The Groom, where has the time gone?: stage1 block in values, define shapes, loosly describe the figure. stage 2 further adjust values & colors, begin to refine shapes & tones. The third stage will further set the mood of backround, paint the bouquet, enhance flesh tones and accentuate highlights.

Monday, October 10, 2016

What Makes Art Real?

Here are my thoughts on what makes art excerpt from my most recent newsletter:
To begin I would like to mention a painter friend of mine who playfully exclaims that his works might be considered fiction, but  based on a true story. I thought about that and reflected on the early days of Impressionism. Paris, the Industrial Revolution and the French Impressionists who set out to portray what they called " la vie moderne"...the modern life. The establishment and art critics referred to their art as anything but real. In fact, their initial response was to criticize the impressionist movement as a mockery of all that was considered "real" art. But the newly developed middle class, a product of The Industrial Revolution, felt otherwise. They not only enjoyed seeing themselves at play in bistros and picnics, they resonated in the bright colors, loose brush strokes and boldness of interpretation presented by painters who were themselves celebrating the modern  life. So maybe some of what makes art real is an aesthetically expressed agreement with others regarding a moment of heightend awareness of form, shape, color and sense, orchastrated to present a message and frozen in time. Just a thought, I'm sure there are many viewpoints on "what makes art real". What do you think? I would love to hear from you via e-mail to my web site. You may also sign up for my newsletter to be entered the October drawing for a 5" x 7" original oil painting!